Download Music Festival

Download music festival is fast becoming the heavy metal glastonbury. This is the 10th year of the metal music community’s favourite festival. Close to 100,00 fans turned up this weekend to listen to music. There were also some big new music stages. The heavy metal music community arrived in its droves even though it was pouring with rain. The festival was delayed because of the weather and many of the bands were stuck in traffic, making it hard for them to get there. Many new bands and many old rock bands went on despite the rain. Slash sang a few rock numbers including Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine. The Prodigy also played. A big favourite was Chase & Status who attracted lots of attention, even though there were other relatively new bands there with outlandish names like Axe Wound and Nightwish.

Download music festival is a dark, thrashing event with bands such as Trivium and Killswitch really bashing out the hard rock stuff. But there is still a sense of humour in this music community. Steel panther did a satirical song about cheesy LA rock bands with many members of the female music community flashing for a video camera that was projected on the big screen. Jack Black also did his classic Tenacious D number. If you were to ask Jack Black how to promote a band he would say “Be the world’s best acoustic metal duo of course!”
Metallica were headliners of the Download music festival. They drew much more attention than many of the new bands, even though much of the new music was very good and has lots of top 5 albums: eg. You Me at Six.Metallica played their Black Album from 1991 which is, for new bands, like a bible of hard rock. The heavy metal music community went wild! Much of the new music played at Download music festival was influenced by Metallica so it’s understandable that the new bands are totally in awe of them.

On the Sunday of Download music festival, Megadeth thrashed it out with songs (whether you can call them that is another story) such as ‘She-Wolf to a sea of devil horns. Then Soundgarden went on in all their super-gothic glory. The heavy metal music communities were in their element.

Finally Black Sabbath hit the stage for their usual mayhem. It takes some sturdy ears to listen to music like that live. They have been playing heavy metal music for more than 40 years now and set the standard for a new music genre. They combined metal with the blues with an extraordinary effect. All the original band members were there except for drummer Bill Ward. Their set was very exciting and certainly gave new bands something to aspire to in terms of the new music they are creating. Ozzy Osbourne still has a strong voice and can teach the newcomers a thing or two about dedication to music. He sung Iron Man, War Pigs and Paranoid. This ended the Download music festival with a crash bang!

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